Saturday night was my absolute most favorite night of my career!  People host epic events in Sacramento all the time, and I wouldn’t classify my Second Saturday art reception among the most notable, but it was a full realization of my dreams coming true in CK Art.  I couldn’t have done it alone though, and wouldn’t want to!  Thank you to all my family, friends and artists who made it such a fun & successful evening.  I’m especially grateful for the music of Clemon Charles and live painting by Michele Murtaugh.  Thank you!!!

Santa’s Helper

CK Art is now offering HOLIDAY WRAPPING of all your gifts!


If you can easily walk it through the gallery door, I’ll wrap each gift for under $10 within 3 business days.

Choose your style:  * Traditional * Elegant * Handsome * Whimsical * Contemporary *

CK Art is open 10AM-6PM Wednesday – Saturday

(2500 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816)